The WFGA is renowned for the comprehensive programme of activities organised every year. Groups are limited in size to enable those attending to benefit from working closely with the tutor and other members of the group. The Association enjoys access to some of the best gardens in Britain and works with designers, gardeners and lecturers who are committed to promoting education. Tours and visits are designed to enable members to enjoy the experience whilst travelling alone at no extra cost involved. WFGA members receive priority for bookings and places are quickly snapped up, however there are opportunities for friends and family members to join tours and visits.

If you are not a member but there is an activity you would like to attend please ring the office to see if there are places available

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Programme of events

Garden Careers Seminar


Saturday 28th February 10am - 4pm

Our seminar this year will feature the theme of employment options available to gardeners within the horticultural industry.

The seminar will divide into small groups. Speakers will rotate to give talks on their particular area of expertise. This will enable members to consider employment options once training has been completed or gardeners who want to diversify into other areas of gardening in which to make a living - these will include working as part of a garden team; running a nursery and garden design.

The day also offers the opportunity to network with other members. the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly to encourage everyone present to join in the discussion and make their contribution. There will be a sale table offering a range of gardening items and books.

The cost of the day is £40 per WFGA member, £50 per non member.. Tea and coffee will be provided. The cafe will be open or bring a packed lunch.

Vine Pruning & Training Workshop

Warden Abbey Vineyard, Old Warden, Bedfordshire

Saturday 7th February 10am - 4pm

Warden Abbey was founded in 1135 by Cistercian monks who cleared woodland and planted vineyards. These were abandoned in 1538 following the dissolution of the Abbey.  The site was re-planted in 1986 and has produced award winning wines ever since.

Since 2010 it has been leased to Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity who are developing the vineyard as a community and educational resource.  There are now around 470 English vineyards, and the acreage planted has increased by over 140% in the last 10 years. They range from large commercial vineyards to small "hobby" vineyards at country houses and in walled gardens.

This workshop will be lead by Jane Markham, the vineyard manager, starting indoors with an introduction about the community vineyard and moving on to the theory of vine pruning and training principles.  While these are mainly aimed at vineyards, the principles can also be applied in a domestic setting and the presentation will briefly look at vines in glasshouses and pergolas.

After lunch the group will visit the vineyard where Jane will demonstrate the techniques used in vine pruning and the types of grape grown.  This will be followed by a ‘hands on session’ with everyone pruning vines.

The cost of this workshop is £40 per WFGA member, £50 per non member. Tea and coffee are provided on arrival. Please bring a packed lunch and a flask of hot drink for the afternoon; please wear suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.

Cultivation, Coppicing & Use of Hazel

Guanock House, Sutton St Edmunds, Lincolnshire

Saturday 14th February   10am - 4pm

The garden surrounds a historic farmhouse built in 1699. It was created from scratch approximately 23 years ago by the then owner and garden designer, Arne Maynard. It contains formal herbaceous borders, a rose garden, lime tree walk, ponds, woodland planting and a walled vegetable garden.

Head Gardener Robin Parker is a very experienced gardener who was involved in the design creation of this garden. The day will start touring the garden with Robin outlining its creation. There will be tuition on the cultivation of hazel and how to coppice it for use in the garden. There will be a practical session on some of its uses around the garden e.g. supporting roses/vegetables.

The cost of this workshop is £40 per WFGA member, £50 per non member - to include tea and coffee. Please bring a packed lunch, clean sharp secateurs and wear weather appropriate clothing.


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News and Events

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