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Beyond the Footpath – Mindful Adventures for Modern Pilgrims – Clare Gogerty


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Walk off your worries with the help of Clare Gogerty’s new book Beyond the Footpath . . . Proof that you don’t need to sit still to be mindful. Just put one foot in front of the other * Scotsman *
Beyond the Footpath is a treasure-trove of inspiration, whether you simply love to visit beautiful places or seek the solace of a long-distance walk. It shows us how to make the most of the calm beauty of the natural world that surrounds us, as well as offering practical guidance on where to find – and how to travel to – those special places *Raynor Winn, bestselling author of The Salt Path*
Inspirational yet practical. With mindful exercises and tracks to take. Discover the benefits of being a modern pilgrim * Country Living *
A brilliant solution to restoring balance and rediscovering meaning. Clare rekindles a connection with the world of nature and a sense of stillness * The Simple Things *
[Beyond the Footpath] serves up a rare secular view on France’s Lourdes or Mount Kailash in Nepal, as well as challenges that tug at the soul, such as tracing a river to its headwaters or even exploring a city at lunch. Wherever your heart calls is a pilgrimage, its author seems to say, and we heartily concur * Wanderlust *

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