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Kent – Cross Pollination Workshop




Dennis has worked all his life in commercial practical horticulture. He is a qualified arborist and horticulturalist. Thoughout that time he has raised millions of plants from seed and practised the art of cross pollination.

Tram Hatch is an historic, Grade II listed Manor House, one of the original eleven Manors in this part of Kent.  The beautiful heritage English country gardens are a wonderful combination of formal and natural settings, with beautiful rose gardens, secret hideaways, tumbling planted riverbanks, pergola’s and archways, specialist trees, orchards and much more.  Dennis Fordham will use this backdrop to discuss with you the variety and importance of cross pollination.

Importance of insects –

Flower Structure to demonstrate the variations of the positions of the reproductive how they influence pollination.  (Hands on)

Types of pollination -Self-pollination – Cross pollination – Wind pollination

Genetics Only a brief out line. Influence they have on plant characteristics – flower colour, shape, and size, leaf shape, plant hight and shape. Haploids-Diploids-tetraploids, compatibility.

At the end of the workshop attendees will understand the art of basic cross pollination and be able to cross pollinate plants with a simple reproductive system.  Within their own garden/workspace they can then practice this skill, wait for seeds to ripen, collect the seed and hopefully grow a new plant

The cost of this workshop is £40 per member, £50 per non-member.  Please bring bring a little pair of scissors, a spyglass or a magnifying glass.


Event Details

Date: June 25, 2022

Start time: 09:30

End time: 13:30

Coordinates: 51.195622,0.752388