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Northumberland – Willow Obelisks




Ruth Thompson runs Sylvan Skills  – which is registered with the Heritage Craft Association.  She runs workshops for private individuals, and carries out larger scale commissions for schools, large gardens and public installations. She works with her own locally produced willow.  She trained with the coppice association in the 1990s and began by making simple hazel hurdles, and is now offering her skills to train WFGA members and guests in the art of making Willow Obelisks.

Ruth will demonstrate techniques for creating a support structure and  willow weaving techniques, and you will create an obelisk or plant support from willow and other natural materials. Ruth will bring her photo portfolio of created works, and some articles about garden structures from natural materials to stimulate your creative side!

The event will take place at the Woodland Centre of Kirkley Hall College.

Please bring rough clothes as you can get damp working with willow.  Please can you also bring your own sharp secateurs.  You also need to consider the size of your vehicle when making structures as you will need to take them home that day.

The cost of this workshop is £50 per WFGA member and £60 per non-member.


Event Details

Date: March 07, 2020

Start time: 10:30

End time: 15:00