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On-line – No Dig Success with Charles Dowding



No Dig Success

Easier gardening with simpler soil preparation, less weeding, quicker planting and harvesting.

We are delighted to offer this talk by Charles Dowding, author and proponent of organic “No-Dig” Gardening since 1983.


The talk will cover the following subject areas, though not necessarily in this order.

Save time with quicker and more productive methods.

Charles will look at many misunderstandings which have a common theme: they waste the gardener’s time, especially digging and other unnecessary soil cultivations.  He will examine how these misunderstandings have arisen and illustrate quicker ways to achieve the desired result of healthy, happy plants, which includes sowing vegetable seeds at the best and most efficient dates.

Succession planting and winter vegetables
Charles’ tips to ensure food in winter and the hungry gap, both from fresh harvests and from stored vegetable harvests.  You will look at garlic, onions, potato, parsnip, leeks and brassicas as well as salads, broad beans, spring onion and cabbage for the hungry gap.
Charles covers the value of good soil preparation, without digging, of making and using compost, and of sowing at the best time, especially after midsummer when shortening days mean that you reap rewards from adhering to precise sowing dates.

Salad leaves all year

Charles will talk you through how to grow and pick large and repeat harvests from a small area, even in winter, exploring the wonderful range of plants to grow for salad leaves.

Charles emphasises two ways above all of increasing harvests:
1 Sow the right plant for each different season, for example sow salad rocket in August not April,
2 Give plants sufficient space so that outer leaves can be picked over a long period. This also reduces slugs and disease.

There will be lots of illustrations to demonstrate these points, with an explanation of the benefits of no dig and compost mulches.  A copy of the slides will be available to attendees after the talk.

The talk will start at 18:30 via Zoom and will last approximately 2 hours.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end.  This event will not be recorded but a copy of the slides are usually available shortly afterwards.

The cost for this on-line event, is £25 per WFGA member, £35 non WFGA member.


Event Details

Date: October 17, 2024

Start time: 18:30

End time: 20:30