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Why and How you should join us

Join us for

Access to a full programme of specialist skills workshops at brilliant prices

The Garden Recruitment Network for gardening jobs advertised to members on own members Forum.

Training facilities via the ‘Work and Retrain As a Gardener Scheme (WRAGS) in England, Scotland and some parts of Wales - often described as a life-changing experience.

Garden and Nursery Visits  in small groups.

Quarterly  newsletters with articles on topics of interest and information, recruitment and Association news.

Discounts on Tools and Seeds

A range of specialist clothing with WFGA logo.

Membership of professional growers and those seeking education, to exchange ideas and experiences throughout the growing industry.

Funding opportunities through the Christine Ladley Fund, to enable members to apply for funds for specialist training, educational projects, travel and community projects. An applicant has to have been a WFGA member for a year before applying to the fund.

Annual ‘Seminar’ on the employment opportunities in horticulture, with speakers and discussion groups.

The Association as a professional body networks with other organisations to exchange information, set up joint ventures, promote training and funding opportunities that the industry has to offer and to establish website links.

Booklets on specialist subjects and ‘Women Rule the Plot’ the story of 100 hundred years on women in farm and garden, written to celebrate the WFGA centennial in 1999.

Now is the time to join the WFGA .

To become a member  please click on  Join Us  to pay online. 

The cost is £35 - for those who wish to receive their newsletter by post, or reduced to £28.00 for those who wish to receive their newsletter by email; alternatively you can subscribe for three years at the reduced rate of £100 for postal membership , or £75(receiving newsletters by email).

Join us and change your growing life forever; we look forward to hearing from you.

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