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What does the WFGA Do?

  • Offers those with an interest in growing the opportunity to network within a membership of professional growers, to exchange ideas and experiences.
  • Training facilities via the WRAG Scheme and a full programme of specialist skills workshops and workdays in most counties of England, Wales and Scotland.
  • Designs and organises small groups to tour gardens in the UK and Europe, taking in specialist events and nurseries at very competitive rates.
  • Publishes newsletters with articles of interest and information for members and booklets on specialist subjects
  • Offers a range of specialist clothing, postcards, books, seeds and tools at discounted rates.
  • Funding opportunities through the Christine Ladley Fund, to enable members to apply for funds for specialist training, educational projects, travel and community projects.
  • Hosts an annual ‘Seminar’ on the employment opportunities in horticulture, with speakers and discussion groups.

Aims and Objectives:

  • A hundred years or so on the original aims, aspirations and objectives continue to underpin the activities of the Association in the 21st century.
  • To network and unite all those who work in agriculture, horticulture and allied industries, rising to the changes occurring and the challenges arising.
  • To promote, encourage and establish the opportunities to study and practice these professions, with particular interest in practical aspects.
  • To form a membership where help and advice can be channeled and exchanged, through networking, seminars and WFGA publications.
  • To provide a link where members can express opinions and have a voice at national and international levels, on growing issues that are of concern to those working on the land.

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