Doddington Place Willow Supports Practical Skills Day

If you have every wondered what our Practical Skills Days are like, Avril Ingram would like to share her expeience.


We were met by Lucy, the Head Gardener, and given a warm welcome.  Lucy was very friendly and well organised – all the materials were in place.  The sun shone, which obviously helps a lot, but we were hosted graciously with coffee/tea and cake whilst waiting for people to arrive.  We were then given a very informative and well-paced personal tour of the gardens.  Lucy was open to all our questions and I really appreciated her sharing her knowledge and expertise so generously.

We were shown the 2 week old new piglets…which was a bonus….and which made us all smile.

We also saw some of the large woven climbing supports that Lucy had made.  They are quite beautiful and compliment the beds and borders beautifully.

After lunch Lucy showed us how to make the supports and gave us plenty of tips and guidance how to adjust the supports if we made them to small/tall etc.  Very useful information.

I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to spend the day with Lucy and the other WFGA gardeners, it was a lovely group and honestly I was walking on air all day – Lucy did a great job and the owner came and said hello too and made us all feel very welcome.