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Oxfordshire – Plant Identification Workshop



Your inspirational tutor for the day is Timothy Walker – lecturer, botanist, gardener, presenter and author. Until recently the Horti Praefectus of the Oxford Botanic Garden.  Timothy still lectures in Plant Sciences at Somerville College.

The day will cover three areas.

Part 1 – Why do we bother with names & classification? The first session looks at the history and purpose and theory behind plant classification and naming and identification

Part 2 – Naming the bits.  The basis of all plant classification and identification is knowing what you are looking at and how to describe what you are looking at accurately.    This session involves looking closely at a number of different plants with a x10 hand lens and pulling them apart.

Part 3 – Using a key.  The final part of the day involves taking this new knowledge of plant structure & plant features and using it to identify plants with the help of identification keys and the hand lens.

This is always a fascinating and engaging workshop. Comments from members who have attended before include:

 “He kept our attention all the way through and made complex information simple and practical” and “an exceptional tutor – very entertaining and knowledgeable”.

The cost of this workshop is £65 per member, £75 per non-member which includes refreshments. Please bring a packed lunch, wet weather gear – just in case, and something waterproof to sit on.


Event Details

Date: June 08, 2024

Start time: 10:00

End time: 16:00

Venue: Faringdon, Oxfordshire