Blog Month: August 2018

WFGA Scottish Region Celebrate WRAGS 25th Anniversary at Portmore House and Gardens


Last Sunday afternoon the Scottish members & supporters gathered at Portmore House Gardens to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of WRAGS.   Annie Stewart ordered a cake and with Sue Kemp did some home-baking to provide everybody with refreshments.

“Thankfully the solid rain that had lasted all morning stopped just before we gathered. There were about 25 people who attended – a good mix of Garden Owners, Head Gardeners, past, present & future trainees, members,  a local nursery owner & friends & family. The owner, Chrissie Reid & her Head Gardener, Ken Kennedy, greeted us & took everyone on a tour of the beautiful gardens. We had a brief shower during the tour, but by the time we got back to cut the cake & enjoy a welcome cup of tea & more cakes in the Bothy, the sun had come out.



It was the first time so many Scottish members had got together & all said how much they appreciated the opportunities to meet each other & share experiences.  We also raised around £200 for the WFGA.  Thank you to everybody who came.”  – Annie Stewart.